Present Simple vs Present Continuous

Cvičenie 1: Vyberte správny tvar (Present Simple alebo Present Continuous).

  1. She usually (goes / is going) to the gym in the evening.
  2. Right now, they (read / are reading) a book together.
  3. I (play / am playing) the piano every Sunday.
  4. Look! The kids (swim / are swimming) in the pool at the moment.
  5. He (watches / is watching) a movie every Friday night.
  6. We (study / are studying) for the upcoming exam tonight.
  7. Cats (sleep / are sleeping) a lot during the day.
  8. My parents (visit / are visiting) us next week.
  9. He (usually wears / is usually wearing) a suit to work.
  10. Listen! The birds (sing / are singing) in the trees.


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